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My Services

Rob supports clients with a broad range of services, all of which are designed to question the stressful thoughts at the root of the problem.  Many stressful thoughts, beliefs, and habits are seeded in the subconscious mind, which has a built-in mechanism to protect against what it believes to be unnecessary change.  Together, we work with the subconscious mind to find a positive solution.  

For those with financial restrictions, please inquire about my sliding scale.

  • Past-life Exploration:   Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, these sessions bring the potential to see current life issues through a wider perspective.

  • Managing stress:  Stress occurs due to internal conflict.  A solution may be found when these two opposing aspects are explored and expressed.
  • Wellness Support: The mind-body connection is no longer considered a myth.  Understanding the metaphors behind physical discomfort may be an important step in holistic healing.
  • Regaining self-control:  We all have cravings.  And cravings may come from a part of us that feels it is missing something.  Exploring the ‘void’ we are trying to fill may address the habit at its root.
  • Releasing fears:  Fears often arise due to associations between somewhat unrelated concepts.  Looking at these associations through a safe and gentle lens can help dissolve fear and bring a new sense of freedom and confidence.
  • Weight loss:  Working with the subconscious, we can explore the habits, fears, food-associations, memories, negative self-talk, and self-esteem that have kept you stuck.
  • Support for Men:  It’s not easy to look at our wounds.  Modern culture conditions men to disconnect from our emotions and be ‘tough’.  What if true strength came from looking at our own vulnerabilities?

Perhaps you feel

Stuck along your journey
Nervous about a difficult situation
Caught in an old pattern
Lacking self control
Needing support
Disconnected from your heart
Resorting to unconscious habits
Confused about which way to go
Witholding your opinion and voice
Fearful of being yourself
Seeking mind-body connection
Disregulated in your nervous system
Looking for approval outside of yourself
Giving your power away
Attracting unhealthy relationships
Critical of yourself
Afraid to take the next step
Frustrated about a block in the road
Ready to start a new chapter

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